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Check Diabetes is the fastest growing social networking community for diabetes awareness, diabetic prevention and cure.

It is a space for people to interact with each other, share awareness about diabetes, ask questions, get answers, and benefit from tips on diabetes management.

Medical students, doctors, diabetic, diabetic activists and anyone who wants to spread general awareness on diabetes are all invited to blog, share views about diabetes cure, diabetes prevention, food and nutrition for diabetics and fitness tips.

Diabetes is the biggest lifestyle disease that lasts for a lifetime. It happens when the body is not able to produce or utilize insulin. Insulin is the hormone that converts sugar and starch into energy that is needed for our daily activities.

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This affects the glucose levels in the blood, leading to several health problems like high blood pressure, kidney problems, stroke, heart attack and amputation.

Though diabetics are physically affected to a great degree, the emotional burden can be overwhelming to the family and friends of the diabetic as well.

About 200 million people in the world suffer from diabetes. By 2030, the figure is expected to double. The rate at which diabetes has increased in the US is astonishing; in 2008, there were 24 million suffering in the US alone, of which 5.7 million cases were undiagnosed.

The greatest increase in diabetic cases is in Asia and Africa, with India possibly having the highest number of cases in the world. With an estimated 35 million diabetics and about 13.5 million undiagnosed cases, India is known as the diabetic capital of the world.

The reason for high incidence of diabetes worldwide is attributed to rapid urbanization, obesity, low level of physical activity, stress and genetics.

The admin of the website is Dr. Rajesh Moganti MD (Internal Medicine), is an enterprising medical doctor who has taken this initiative due to a strong emotional reason. His father has been a diabetic and during his stint in the medical school, he came up with a firm determination that he will touch lives of people who have diabetes by making them aware about how to stay fit and fight diabetes forever.

On the basis of this firm resolve, Mr. Moganti, has floated this social networking community for diabetics, where doctors, medical students, diabetic activists, diabetics and anyone who wants to create awareness on this disease can share their views.

There are so many diabetics who are searching for answers, have queries that only you can answer, there are so many myths around diabetes, there are clarifications to be made, opinions to be sought. So, let us also be a part of the common platform checkdiabetes.org and have a healthy, better and peaceful life.

How can I benefit from being a part of check diabetes?

Everyone who is a part of this social networking community can benefit in more than one ways. For diabetics themselves, they come in contact with some of the best doctors who are INTERESTED in curing diabetes.

They get more awareness about the disease, get most of their answers resolved and become acquainted with a healthy lifestyle. For doctors and medical students, it can be a boon to serve people, plus their blog posts will be read by a lot of people; they get more authority and credibility online through checkdiabetes.org.

For diabetic activists, they garner more support; get more patronage to initiate campaigns for promoting diabetic awareness

Who can blog in checkdiabetes.org?

Anyone, if you feel you need to share something about diabetes, be it an experience, a story, a treatment technique, prevention methods, nutrition related tips, diabetic exercises, please by all means; go ahead and do it. A lot of people will benefit by your views

What is the future of checkdiabetes.org?

With your support, we aim to be the best social networking community online for diabetic prevention and diabetic cure.

Going forward, we will have a lot of diabetic based contests, competitions and quizzes with exciting prizes to encourage authors and readers.

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