Best Diabetes Apps for Android and iPhone

Diabetes is a very grave and relatively bothersome ailment. This is the reason why diabetics have to take their medicines on time and maintain a documentation of their work out results. They also have to retain a nutritional agenda and medication routine. So, what they actually require is a device to jog your memory to stop all the toil and take care of their wellbeing. We give you here some android apps for diabetics which can be utilized to maintain records and make available vital alerts.

Track3 Diabetes Planner and Carb Counter

This model can be used by diabetics to follow their work out schedule, food ingestion, and glucose as well as insulin concentration in the blood.

Some Prominent Features:

  • Maintains mg/dl or mmol/L units.
  • No monthly charges required
  • Alerts about calories and carb values for over 80 thousand foodstuffs.
  • Provides glucose monitoring records
diabetes iPhone app

The apps permit the customer to document the number of regular portions taken for every serving of food. The total expenditure of the device is $5.99.

Purchase for iPhone here.

Purchase for Android here.

On Track

On Track is the conceivably the finest diabetes app in the market. With its help, Diabetics can track their glucose levels, exercise schedule, food consumption etc. The application can even be used to make reports and charts. It is not only a simple device used to maintain statistics. One can even store info on the drugs to be used and the time they have to be taken.

Important Features:

  • The alternative to export facts in a diverse variety of non-proprietary configuring inclusive of HTML, CSV and XML.
  • Maintains global (mmo/l) and US (mg/dl) glucose units.
  • Has the capability to mark every entry with a sort like breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.
  • Has the ability to rename, eliminate and insert categories as needed.
  • The app can trigger reminders like for instance to take

    a test after two hours of breakfast.

  • Data backup and re-establishment of functionality.

You will be happy to know that this app is free to download.


The iPhone has also become a beloved of the cell phone world ever since its introduction. Now, it has become even more popular with the availability of third party applications to its users and supervision of diabetes has become a very effortless task now.

Download for Android here.

Islet 2.0 developed by iAbetics

This app allows you to put in insulin, glucose and work out data. It allows you to backdate and email CSV buy levitra online records. It also proffers graphs having high, low and standard assessment on a regular basis. It is quite a latest application and has a rating of around 4.5 stars from its users. The current pricing is $0.99.

diabetes iphone

Purchase the app here.

Glucose Buddy developed by One AppOne Cause

The app lets you get inside and examine data for glucose, diabetic drugs and food significance. You could also go through movement values in this app. The application even offers a more maximum value glucose buddy lite version. The up to date price is $ 5.99 although it is at present accessible free of charge.


Download the app prescription propecia

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