Sitagliptin Phosphate And Side Effects


The medical science has developed various ways of controlling diabetes. The best drug among them is known as Sitagliptin. This enzyme inhibiting drug is used for the controlling of diabetes mellitus. This drug was formerly sold under the name of Januvia. This drug is an oral antihyperglycemic which helps to control the deposition of extra glucose in the body.

The diabetes mellitus is characterized by the formation more glucose through sugar present in the body. This drug that is Sitagliptin controls the formation of excessive sugar in the body. This drug was developed and launched in the market by Merck and co. This drug is instrumental in keeping diabetic under control.

Sitagliptin Phosphate

The Sitagliptin phosphate is a combination of this medicine with phosphorus and it is also could be used along with other oral antihyperglycemic agents like Sitagliptin metformin. The diabetic patients can take this drug orally .The Sitagliptin Phosphate is a white crystalline powder and hygroscopic in nature. This property helps in absorbing moisture from the environment. This combination of this drug with phosphorus increases its effect in the body because phosphorus increases its dose and working capacity. The Sitagliptin generic form is said to be mild in effect but its Sitagliptin metformin is quite more effective.

This medicine is considered to be ideal for diabetic patients because it has very less side effects and that is the reason why doctors prefer this drug the most. The diabetic patients are rapidly oincr4eassing across the world and that why the demand of this medicine is also rising up high. The diabetes mellitus is one disease in which the excessive sugar formation takes place in the body. The best part of this medicine is that it can be taken orally by the patients without injecting it. The Sitagliptin phosphate is very effective. The Sitagliptin metaformin is considered to be the best combination available till now.

Sitagliptin Side Effects

The side effects produced by this medicine are very mild or found to be very rare. The key features of this medicine are very positive but still there are some side effects of this medicine too. Some patients have reported to have nausea or little cold after being treated with Siyagliptin. Some patients also found to have pancreatitis that has undergone the treatment with Sitagliptin. This medicine along with phosphate or in it metaformin form showing little side effects in some patients but overall this drug is very influential in controlling diabetes. The medical science has approved this drug and is used in diabetic treatment a lot.

The diabetes patients are going for this medicine a lot now days. The selling of this medicine has climbed due to high demand in the market. The Sitagliptin phosphate is a very good empirical and balanced combination which when given orally controls the formation of sugar in the body and thereby brings the sugar level under control and patient feels relieved. The diabetes mellitus is a very perilous disease in which patients reach to a very bad condition .This medicine has come up as a boon for such patients who wants to keep their diabetic under control. The Sitagliptin generic is also very effective but it is cheaper and easily available. The generic form is given to those patients whose diabetes is less vigorous.

The Sitagliptin is a very popular medicine which is used by millions of patients to inhibit the formation of excess glucose in the body. This drug is available in generic and metaformin form which can be taken orally anywhere. The little side effects of this medicine do not stop patients from consuming it. The medicine comes in white crystalline powder in packed form. Most of the experienced doctors advice diabetic patients to go for this medicine.

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