Indian and Asian celebrities who are having diabetes and their inspirations.

Here in this post we mentioned some of the Asian and Indian celebrities who are diabetics and hope you find this post interesting …. :)
Diabetes occur when the human body stops recognizing or producing the insulin hormone which is the key factor for the consumption of glucose and releasing energy. Low quantity of insulin can result in high amount of glucose in the blood stream which can lead to diabetes as well as many other heart and organ problems.
Diabetes is of two types. Type 1 occurs due to hereditary or unknown reasons and could be triggered due to lifestyle of the person. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the individual’s body stops registering hormone because of obesity or lack of activity in his/her lifestyle.
It is said that famous people are people to begin with. Asians and Indians are mostly seen under the risk of diabetes mellitus and its complications due to the risk inducing inactive lifestyle they pursue and also consumption of food products that contain high amount of starch and carbohydrates.
Many famous people affected by diabetes include Sudha Chandran- a famous Indian actress and dancer who currently works in many television serials, Kamalahasan- a very famous Indian celebrity who has worked in countless number of Indian and regional films (also has been awarded several times), Wasim Akram- former Pakistan’s fast bowler (very famous for his bowling records) and is now an eminent cricket commentator and chat show host and Gaurav Kapoor- famous Indian video jockey who has also acted in various films.
These people are affected by the type1 diabetes mellitus in which their body due to unknown factors has stopped insulin production. Still, they have played important roles in their respective fields by taking many preventive measures. These people have shown that having an ailment doesn’t push anyone down. Losing the will to fight (and even win like them) against the ailment pushes one down.
The preventive measures that one can take to avoid the complications of diabetes (in type 1 cases) and prevent type 2 diabetes are regular exercise, balanced diets and insulin shots (through pumps or injections). Individuals with or at a risk of diabetes should also monitor their glucose levels as maintaining the glucose levels in the normal range is the main focus of these exercises.
If you know any celebrities and famous people from asia and india who are diabetics then you can comment below so that we can update this list…..  :)
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